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Container Site


Architectural Design | 2020

In a unique location north-east of Scottsdale, Arizona, the design focuses on the renovation of three compact shipping containers, and their unique placement within an undeveloped wash. 

Slightly tilted, the site aims to minimize direct sunlight to the outdoor spaces during the summer, and maximize views of the Saint Clair Peak during the entire year. The container to the south of the site is the Main Residence, which contains a single bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space.


To the east is the Guest Suite, which has a kitchenette, bathroom, and a single bedroom; all connecting to a courtyard which can be separated from the main pass-way by a gate. Connecting the two containers to the north is the workshop. A largely open space connected to the covered parking. 

Green features on the site included solar panels for all on-site electricity, a large water tank, a grey-water system for gardening and irrigation, composting toilets, and the use of on-site soil for the creation of rammed-earth walls. 

Scheduled Completion: Winter 2021

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