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Gallery House


Architectural Design | 2020

As a collaboration between myself, this plain stucco home was re-envisioned to be a modern artists residence in the vibrant and evolving city of Tempe, Arizona. 

Originally a modest 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home; this beige and box home is covered in stucco from sill to sill. I was brought on as a consultant in early 2020, and worked closely with the clients and architect vision to create a visually clean and modern home, with a master bedroom extension that fit in with the existing neighborhood. 

Utilizing smooth white stucco and a sophisticated desert landscape, the re-envisioned exterior will be tucked behind mid-century reminiscent site walls with modest with dark metal doors and windows. The master addition will look over a newly placed pool, fireplace, modern cabana, and zen garden, and will be connected to the existing house by a dark metal gallery with finished art by the owners. 

Scheduled Completion: Fall/Winter 2020

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