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Atherton - Overall Day.jpg

Midcentury House 

Exterior Redesign | 2021

With an iconic Low Slung roof and block construction to match, this Midcentury Home in the Bird of Paradise Phoenix neighborhood was re-vitalized to showcase it's classic desert midcentury vibes for an joyful family of five. 

Existing Exterior

Atherton Existing.png
Atherton House - Atomic.jpg

Requiring more than a bit of paint, we decided to breathe new life into the home and facade while echoing the classic midcentury perks of the era.  

Project Info

With a full family, the homeowners needed space for an expanding family as well as additional storage space. Wanting to keep to the traditional roots of the neighborhood and house, the design began to emulate the same joyful and energetic family within. 

The main points of design included framing in the garage, enclosing the front "porch", and the creation of a front yard which offered a patio setting and some privacy from the sidewalk and street. 

Date: Fall 2020

Status: Completed

Category: Architecture

Scope: Exterior Redesign & Rendering

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